SmartenIT IOT8-Z - digital inputs not discovered

New to Home Assistant. I am running the latest HassIO on a NUC, with a HUSBZB-1. The system properly recognizes the ZWave USB port and the ZHA USB port. I am using a SmartenIT IOT8-Z Zigbee module for rain water and irrigation control. The IOT8-Z has 4 digital inputs, 2 analog inputs and 8 relay outputs. I can add this device in ZHA and the 2 analog inputs and the 8 relay outputs automatically get discovered and populated upon pairing. However, the 4 digital inputs do not appear. Yet, when testing in pairing mode, if I manually change the input level on any of the 4 digital input pins, I do see a proper Zigbee event in the logs.

Has anyone else attempted to use this specific device? I’m a bit stumped :wink: