SmartIR - Control your Climate, TV and Fan devices via IR/RF controllers


To achieve that I created an IFTTT applet that passes a numeric value to a python script in home assistant:
I say “hey google, channel XY in kitchen” and the script parses the number, calling the broadlink services to send button X and Y to the TV.
Of course it works with single digit channels too.
It works farily well, even if it is not reliable 100%, expecially with a lot of noise.


Your INI files are weird. Why are there commands like off_70, off_71 etc?


Heck I dont know …i made it work is the best i can tell you … its a space heater that osscialates
I think at first i was trying to set it to a temp


Thanks, but I wanted to find a direct solution …
found through script

  alias: Rai 1 Cucina
  - data:
      entity_id: media_player.tv_cucina
      source: "Rai 1"
    service: media_player.select_source


Do i have any hope…I think i will get in trouble if wife takes a bath and its cold when she gets out


Hi All,

Is there a way to update climate state without actually calling the climate component?
i’m using Xiaomi door window sensor. (tracking real state of AC).

One more question
In the new Hassio version , climate is broken.
This is the official comment from SmartIR Telegram channel “In the upcoming HA version (0.89) there is a breaking change in the climate platform. SmartIR needs to be updated to work properly.”
Any workaround?

I’m not upgrading until there is a solution.
Any news on that?


where is the fix? can you please share the solution ?


Yes, that would work, but keep in mind that you can not use that via Google assistant but you would need something in between like an ifttt applet or similar, you would need to code every single channel, and lastly you will not be able to select a channel that wasn’t coded before.


Ok I did some tests, the scripts work … google home responds correctly and changes channels regularly. Logically as you said I had to insert in the json file all the codes of the various channels (I only put those I use regularly). Much faster than going through IFTTT. thanks a lot


Did you try to take a look at GitHub repo???


Yes, didn’t saw anything. would you mind help out?


Please try to replace all your files from the repo. The fix was there from HA 0.89.0 release date.


I tried to guess what your file is doing and prepared one for you to try.


ok trying now


Dang you pretty slick it turns on but the osscialte does not


I did not understand what you mean. Can you also send me your old configuration of Broadlink Climate?



Ok. So, you also need the fan off mode?


Man i am not sure i worked 80 hours last week and found out you changed the broadlink… the heater is just a simple heater with heat control and oscilate on and off… i dont mean to ask to much and can figure it out if need be. I just thought it was a simple json change


That sounded like i blamed you and dont mean that … i know changes where necessary from the ha side too …btw you have done amazing work