Smartlight appdaemon for scenes and lights

Hello together

I’ve made some changes to the smartlight appdaemon. After some testing it should be fine now.
What is different here:

  • You may start a scene or switch on lights.
  • if a light of a scene which is monitored is still on, the scene will not start
  • brightness sensor can be taken to set initial light brightness
  • scene and lights will have different time_outs
  • entities to disable motion sensor
  • entities to disable timer

Have a look which parameters are possible:

  module: smartlight
  class: SmartLight
  status_timers: 300
     - light.wand
     - light.sideboard_rechts
     - light.sideboard_links
  scene_on_activate_clear_timer: clear
  scene_entity: scene.scene_sensor_wohnzimmer_1
  scene_timeout: 7200
  scene_restart: True
    - scene.scene_sensor_wohnzimmer_1
    - scene.scene_sensor_wohnzimmer_2
    - scene.hell
    - scene.tv_blau
    - scene.tromso_mit_licht_unten_blau_rot_dunkel
    - scene.tromso_mit_licht_unten
    - scene.sideboard_bild_turkis
    - scene.tracey_lights
    - scene.scene_wohnzimmer_esszimmer_1
    - scene.scene_wohnzimmer_esszimmer_2
  monitor_light_timeout: 3600
    - light.wand
    - light.sideboard_links
    - light.sideboard_rechts
    - light.wohnzimmer_links
    - light.wohnzimmer_rechts
    - light.wohnzimmer_licht_1
    - light.wohnzimmer_licht_2
    - light.wohnzimmer_licht_3
    - light.wohnzimmer_licht_4
    - switch.lichtvorhang
    - switch.lichterkette
    - switch.tromso
    - binary_sensor.ms1
    - binary_sensor.ms3
  lux_entity: sensor.ms1
  lux_limit: 35
  brightness_entity: sensor.template_motion_sensor_light_brightness
  transition: 10
  light_timeout: 60
  restart_timer: 'motion'
    - input_boolean.global_motion_no_switch_light
    - input_boolean.disable_wohnzimmer_motion
    - input_boolean.disable_wohnzimmer_timer

If you want give that a try you can get it at:
Sorry, didn’t have time at the moment for more documentations.

Hope it’s useful for somebody