Smartlock recommendations

I think it’s time to add a smartlock to my HA samrt home and I am turning to the community for recommendations.

I currently have a conventional setup with a deadbolt above a locking knob in a steel entry door.

My current technologies include: Zigbee, Zwave, Wi-Fi, Aqara hub

-It must integrate with Home Assistant to auto lock/unlock.
-Lock/unlock with…

  • Fingerprint
  • Android and iPhone NFC
  • keypad
  • Key backup

Appreciate any recommendations

Just a tip for you regarding fingerprint sensors on door locks in outside environments.

All the ones I’ve had do not like water / rain / condensation.

And I’m talking Melbourne - so it’s not getting snow/frozen etc

The few I’ve had from AliExpress all stopped working after a a few months of winter. Moisture got in the fingerprint sensor and killed it.
(I got a refund on those)

I then got one from Bunnings and while the fingerprint sensor hasn’t failed in the last 2 years, if it’s wet it won’t ID your fingerprint. That’s understandable I guess, but even if you wipe the sensor and your finger with some cloth, it still won’t scan until it’s really dry.

It’s a real pain in the ass when you’re standing in the rain trying to get the door open quickly to get inside your shed :rofl:

Also rain on the touch screen sometimes reads as a finger touch which causes the battery to go flat faster…

I see you’ve mentioned NfC so you should be able open it with your phone / smart watch. That’s a GOOD idea.
Mine doesn’t have that unfortunately, but the next one bloody will becuse I hate standing in the rain :umbrella::joy:

I’ll be interested in seeing what you choose because I’m seriously thinking of replacing mine…