SmartLock Recommendations?

Howdy, folks. I’m revisiting the idea of adding Smart Locks to my home and need to ask for your input.

At this time, I’m running HASSos on a Pi with a Zwave adapter and WiFi.

Ideally, I’d be looking for something that does not require a 3rd party app (like for example EcoBee) so that I can set it up independently, add/delete users and codes, and lock/unlock directly from HA remotely when I’m not at home. It’s also important that I have a log of who’s entered for my records and separate codes for each authorized person.

I’d like for the hardware to be keypad, NFC, and also hard key should the power fail. I do NOT need a video component because I have an Arlo system at this time, fingerprint ID is not necessary but a bonus if it actually works. I’ve been looking at Lockly and Schlage Connect.

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I use the Nuki since >10 years and had to replace it once because I dropped it during a battery change. It is expensive and it delivers all values that you expect 2024 from a smart lock. for me 10/10 points.

I’ve been quite happy with both my Yale and Kwickset Z-Wave locks, they have been very reliable. The Yale is a bit more battery intensive but it’s throwing a deadbolt so I expect it to be, the others are just normal handle locks.

I am using three Schlage locks all keyed the same and then all the codes are the same throughout at this time because I do not have a special use case where one would need to be different.

I considered that and I have yet once needed to use a key :wink:

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Which lock brands and models have the most reliable and functional integration with Home Assistant?

All the name brands work well, I wouldn’t use them if they didn’t.

I’ve been very happy with my various Kwikset locks. I have the following locks in play at various properties:

Kwikset 910 (deadbolt)
Kwikset 912 (non-deadbolt, in handle lock)
Kwikset 914 (deadbolt)
Kwikset HC620 (deadbolt)

They all work very well once you get them fully interviewed. I use them with Keymaster for lock code management and Rental Control for managing calendars associated with the codes.

I’m also evaluating the newer Lock Code Manager for managing the lock itself. It’s definitely a lot cleaner, but it’s still seeing some very heavy and active early development so I wouldn’t recommend it just yet for managing your locks.