Smartmy Home Assistant [Android Project] - Updated

I’m Raiden123 and I wanted to present my project to everyone, but first I’ll explain how it was born.
I didn’t like the Home Assistant graphics seen from a smartphone, in reality I didn’t like having to scroll through the pages to search for a device, something as easy for me but not for the rest of my family. So I thought of creating a small application that can allow any user to use Home Assistant in a graphic and intuitive way (once they are familiar), so this project is born. In short, SmartMy Home Assistant simplifies and uses Home Assistant to control home automation in a simple way.

  • New Graphics interface
  • Room organization and management
  • Air conditioning section
  • Media Center section
  • Home Alarm Section
  • Customizable interface
  • Voice commands
  • Automatic language selection
  • New required permits, MAKE INSTALLATION FROM ZERO.

The free version contains advertising and has limited actions.

SmartMy Home Assistant (FREE)

SmartMy Home Assistant Premium

SmartMy Home staff (actually crazy friends)

Dev. Raiden123
App designer Ariele 82
Tester Kokobelli

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Ho my friend thanks for contact, bit in the video there is a galaxy note 9, the link is for play store its underlined that is for Android device…im Apologize for your confusion.

I’m no able to download key from google play store. Looking forward to test and use the app.


Install the app from play store, link in 1st post, and follow the app instructions.

I install the app from the link, followed the instructions you posted also. Than I follow the instructions on the app as well. I will include screenshots below.

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The app have the right permission, PLEASE go in app settings and give it a permission request.

Its my fault, i male an update immediately.
Download it from this link :

This versione note aviable (writer boy raiden)

Thanks for report.

Update on playstore :slight_smile:

  • Fix graph crashed on some device (like samsung)
  • Fix first installation issue.


What is the purpose of the smhfreekey application? Because in the code seems to be only a single page that only displays ads…

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I’m happy that you explain a code of my app, you are right. This app supports the developing (to publish app on playstore you must Pay 25$ in advance), my devloping Platform (payed 8$) cant integrate it native so i must use this method. Its a Free method (for you you) to support us.

Thanks bro.


Sounds good. Just not the best idea to ‘mislead’ people by saying it is a ‘key’ for the app.

Also looks like you have integrated Tasker into the main application and my Tasker on my phone now crashes every 30 seconds.

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In Italy a key open an door…its open app Free “smhkeyfree” . For your tasker i cant help (write to joao He is very sweet person). My tasker work fine, i Think of you arent tasker beta tester.
Please continue this conversation in pvt, if you have other questions … I Think some users can ne interested to app not a developing method used.


Why does the app need access to my files/photos?

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Every app write data on device, this app create data on your device (The permission are to write data on your device) and the location permission la to set darksky weather. Dont worry bro i Think anyone are interested to your photo :joy:
Its the normal authorization to write data json create a response json from your home assistant nothing else.

First off great job! Looks nice Second is it open source? Or will I be soon? Many of the other HA apps are not and therefore don’t gain much traction since the whole idea is to be transparent as possible. Thanks for the hard work


Thanks for the support, I didn’t consider this hypothesis, since I’m migrating to another development platform, but it doesn’t mean that I won’t be able to do it. This3rd is for anyone to suggest what goes wrong and what could be done to make it better. I thank all those who have supported me in pvt and I also thank those who have limited themselves to putting negative reviews on the application without having tried the application citing the wrong playstore rules and in some cases insulting.
It is my first experience and I am trying to do my best and the criticisms are an integral part to improve, but they must be constructive or list the problems, do not assume something that does not exist. The application is safe as is the development support application, it does not violate playstore rules (the user is aware that he will have to install a support app to use it) and above all I AM HERE AND WE ARE PUT THE FACE without fear or fear.
Thanks and for those who believe that I can demoralize myself, I never give up!


I never really got a chance to review the app. I tried it but the app just crashed Everytime it tried to load the devices.

Now the app says it costs $2. So I can’t really leave a very good review for something that seems broken. Especially if it goes from broken and free to broken and paid for.

Please leave a screenshot when app crash, With a device info.

SmartMy Home in function

Telegram help channel (24h)