SmartMy Home [The Project Info]

Content of the project

This is the project that we would like to complete with SmartMy Home:

  • Independent scenarios, possibility to create scenarios without configuring them in the home assistant, but they are in the app;
  • Independent cards, possibility to graphically and intuitively configure the various cards useful for the various entities;
  • Independent automations, possibility to create automations without configuring them in the home assistant (perhaps to test them) directly in the app, useful for those who use the app on tablets;
  • Independent alarm, possibility to configure the alarm system only in the app (useful for those who use the tablet) in order to take advantage of every single peculiarity of your smartphone;
  • Create sensors from mobile device with mobile app component;
  • Independent Mqtt (we hope) possibility to use the app to directly control devices in an emergency, in case an anomaly does not allow the use of home assistant.

We have already integrated several of these features into the initial project of the application created only with tasker (without the need for plugins), but which we will integrate into the free application. Unfortunately, the initial project includes the paid app, this does not mean that you have to buy it, it is only purely demonstrative that we are carrying on a project that has already been in our mind for some time.

Some screenshots: