SmartPlug toggle - Message when PC on

I am using an Innr SP120 to toggle the power for my PC and all the peripherals.
What I would like to do is when the PC is still on and I am trying to toggle the power outlet off, that the SmartPlug stays on and Im getting a message/error that I can’t toggle if the PC ist still running.
Any suggestions as to how this could be achieved?

If the smart plug has a power sensor you could include a condition to check that the power is below a certain limit before allowing switch off.

If it does not have a power sensor you could use the Ping sensor to see if your PC was still powered on.

Thanks for the quick answer. That seems a pretty good idea.
But how can I integrate such a condition into the switch?
And how could I display said error message if I try to switch it while the PC is still running?

Hide the switch from the front end and use an input boolean to trigger an automation that you can use to perform the actions you want.

If you supply the following entity ids I can help:

The switch.
The power sensor.

Also how much power the PC draws when on and when off (due to the peripherals).

Hey. Thanks for your tipps. I used the ping sensor to check if the PC is running.
For the switch I used a conditional card to only show the switch if the PC is NOT running.
I will try to add a second conditional card to show a message that the PC has to be off for the switch to appear.

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