SmartRent Integration

I recently moved into a new apt and they utilize the SmartRent platform for the lock/thermostat.
I found GitHub - AMcPherran/SmartRent-MQTT-Bridge: Unofficial bridge between SmartRent and an MQTT broker as a possible solution however it seems to be out of date / the docker image won’t even build anymore.

I have found various python api’s to interact with the current version of smartrent, but nothing actually for home assistant. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience w/ smartrent + HA that could point me in the right direction

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I was in the same boat too. My apartment complex installed SmartRent products in our units, but there was no good way to connect it to HA.

I have been working on a custom component that should help with this though! Its a little lacking but its better than nothing! It should at least work with your lock and thermostat.

Let me know if you decide to use this / have any issues. It would be cool to see it working for other folks as well!