Smartthing Integration IKEA 2 or 5 Button

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This is a modified version of the @frenck IKEA 5 Button Blueprint to work with the Smart things Integration and the Smartthings.button event handler.

The only requirement is that the buttons follow a naming system in the Smartthings app.
Devices must be named
Switch 1
Switch 2
and so on

If anyone could tell me how to embed the code here, would be great :smile:

simonmcc89/HomeAssistantBlueprints: HomeAssistantBlueprints (

Paste this:


Can I use this only with a Ikea button connected with smartthings, or do I need Ikea’s hub/gateway too?

Yes, you don’t need a gateway.

Funny thing is, the IKEA buttons don’t work with Home Assistant if you have them connected through the IKEA Gateway. The buttons don’t send events when pushing button to the IKEA gateway, they send it directly to the device you paired the button with (bulb, blind, etc). So to configure actions based on pressing IKEA buttons you need to have the button paired with SmartThings (or other Zigbee integration that supports pairing the button devices).

I am unable to use the Blueprint due to an error when I try and create a Automation.

Error: UndefinedError: ‘dict object’ has no attribute ‘event’ .

Is there something that I am doing wrong here ? Appreciate all the help.