SmartThing Sensors

Hi Team.

So i am slowing slowly moving over from Smart Things to HA. I have a batch of SmartThings multipurpose sensors but also SmartThings plugs. Can i use these with HA? I am going to be removing the ST hub. Is there a process to get these to work? or am i going to need to replace with pure Zigbee devices?

Thanks in advance

Smartthings branded sensors are Zigbee - and they’re mostly garden variety zigbee. To make them work in HA, Choose a Zigbee integration, choose a Zigbee coordinator that works well with that integration, set it up, then pair up your sensors.

Note - compared to doing Zigbee with an ST hub, Zigbee sticks are generally a little more sensitive to interference. Just because it ‘worked just fine’ on your ST hub doesn’t mean it will automagically when you rebuild your network. Do all the things to build a strong Zigbee mesh such as making sure you do all the planning to make sure you’re not in conflict with RF sources of interference and that you have enough repeaters (wired, line powered Zigbee devices that repeat) for the distances as you build out.

Cool thanks mate. Thats great to know i can just set them up. I am waiting on new batteries so unable to test just yet.

Was just trying to keep the costs down at the moment and didnt want to replace a load of good kit for the sake of it.


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