Smartthings and without internet

Hi guys,
I am thinking of expanding to zwave and zigbee devices.
I wonder if it’s possible to use smartthings hub for connecting these devices to home assistant, and use home assistant for the automation without connecting to the internet?
I like to keep everything offline, tin foil hat alert :nerd_face:

Thanks so much

Well, unfortunately [SmartThings]( is a cloud integration:

IoT class: Cloud Push

You need to ditch it and use HA’s other options :wink:

I see, thank you so much for your response, i was hoping to use the zigbee and zwave in it and it’s it :pleading_face:

What? Makes no sense.

Sorry, I meant ti say that I was hoping to use ST instead of buying zigbee and Z-wave sticks separately :slight_smile:

There is a stick that does both.

Just found it. Thank you sir