Smartthings and PowerSockets

Hi All,
I’m using last few monts HA with Smarthing and I’m very satisfied. ST as a hub works really good, but it’s limited in every other aspect. Most of devices are very well presented from ST to HA, but now I purchased few Neo Coolcam power sockets (z-Wave). Sockets are presented, but unfortunately Power Consumption is not visible in HA - just a socket as a power Switch. Is there any way to get also power consumption, as I need it for some automation and reporting?

They show up for me in Home Assistant using a z-wave stick. You may have a SmartThings issue.

Definitely the problem is related to what data ST is forwarding to HA and I beleave that I’m not the only one that have such an issue.

Power consumption does not show for me too. I assumed it was not integrated into HA yet.

@anon34565116 - is the switch connected to ST or "directly"to HA?
Because I see following:

Directly to HA.

I have a different device, Aeotec Smart Switch 6 Gen5.
As an FYI, HA’s ST Integration does support the power meter functions of the Switch 6.
Its power and energy values show up as sensors in HA.

Does your Coolcam’s power consumption show up in your ST App?

Yes. As you can see from the screenshot:

So then the problem is somewhere in my implementation.

After recreation of my Docker container (delete container and image, just keeping the /config folder) due to other issues that i have - now I can see what is the daily consumption on the socket, but I don’t have info about current one. i need this as I want to use it for notification when washing machine stop working.
here is the info that I’m receiving in HA:

Now the problem if fixed. So only currently reported properties are reported. So if there is not device working on the socket - current consumption visible:

So in general - I can highly recommend Neo Z-Ware Power sockets connected via Smartthing hub