SmartThings apps vs HA?

I’m migrating from Samsung SmartThings to HA.
HA certainly has more features and is more flexible but one thing I sorely miss and can’t figure out how to duplicate are the “Smart Apps”.

Let’s say I wanted to tie an on/off switch to a dimmable bulb.
Instead of hard-coding the exact switch, exact bulb and exact brightness level, I could set them as user-input variables.
Then, from the ST app → Automations: I would get a menu where I would select a switch, a bulb and what brightness level I wanted. Then the automation would run with those settings.
I could easily change those parameters when needed, w/out having to dig through actual code.

See example screen shot below, this if from a more complicated automation that controls a ceiling fan speed based on temperature and if the TV is on or off:

Is there a way to do something similar in HA?
NodeRed automations seem to provide a lot of very nice features and controls but can I replicate user-input variables that are accessible from the phone HA app?

Thank you,


Welcome Boris!

Closest thing are blueprints. Basically fill in the blank pre-canned automations. Probably ehat you’re looking for.

For Node red. Your variable storage could be a number of things but if you want them visible in the app. Use helpers…

Yiur next question will be Location Mode… Doesnt exist. Youll need to replicate the functionality with a helper. Some of us use a series of input booleans, personally i use an input select ghat has all my possible modes in it.