Smartthings Button Value Not Present

I have a few buttons connected to HA via the Smartthings integration but it only shows temp and battery sensors.


How do I get whether it was actually pressed/double press/hold?

The smartthing done expose entities for button presses, instead each button press triggers an event. Take a look in the docs here

Ok had a look but still not 100% how I can capture the presses, any examples in a HA automation script for example?

Go to the Sidebar -> Developer Tools -> Events. In the box “Listen to events”, enter smartthings.button and press “start listening”. Now when you press a button on the remote, you should see an event there. You can then use this information to create an automation. Take a look here for a solution:

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Got it to work :slight_smile:

Here is the automation yaml if anyone will come across this in the future:

- id: MainGateButtonPressedOnce
  alias: Gates - Smartthings Button Pressed Once Test
  - event_data:
      name: Main Gate Button
      value: pushed
    event_type: smartthings.button
    platform: event
  - data_template:
      message: Main gate opened
      title: Gates
    service: notify.simplepush_notifier

Nice work figuring it out - took me a bit as well. Had to use the logs / entity registry to get mine to work correctly. Anyhow, going to paste my working code here as well for anyone else’s future reference of how to use the device_id to ‘listen’ for button pushes.

From my automations.yaml:

- id: '1556158361659'
  alias: Front Gate Button
  - event_data:
      device_id: 4c503d98-0bb5-4e14-93f3-33bf91066131
      value: pushed
    event_type: smartthings.button
    platform: event
  condition: []
  - data:
      entity_id: switch.front_drive_gate
    service: switch.toggle

Hello To all

I have successfully installed the Smatthings integration in my Home Assistant

But I don’t see any event with the name smartthings.button at the Developer Tools → Events right side of the menu…

Also, If I start listening to this event, I don’t receive any information in the list

Can anyone please help me in oder to be able to listen this events

Thank you in advance for your support and help