SmartThings door/window sensor sticks on "open" (with ZHA)

Hey HA community!

I’m a recently (last 2 weeks) refugee from the SmartThings shutdown. I stubbornly held on to my SmartThings installation for years after I saw the writing on the wall with Samsung, but here I (finally) am. So, I’m experienced with smarthome, but an absolute newbie with Home Asssistant.

I’ve had pretty good luck pulling most of my SmartThings-branded devices into Home Assistant with ZHA, except my door/window sensors. For what it’s worth, these are the older-generation devices (not so-called “multisensors”) recognized as CentraLite 3300-S by ZHA.

The problem: the sensors update immediately in HA when opened, but then take as much as several hours to return to “closed” state. They worked flawlessly in SmartThings, so presumably there’s a way to make them work similarly in ZHA.

Any meta-notes (pointers on where to look/ask that would be more appropriate) are also appreciated!

Have you installed the zha-network-card? If so, you can see if the device is using the standard zigpy.device.Device quirk (last column in the table) or something else. Perhaps your sensors need a specific quirk?

FWIW, I have several of the newer multipurpose sensors, and they’re very reliable. No device drops, and they respond almost instantly. They use the quirk zhaquirks.samjin.multi2.SmartthingsMultiPurposeSensor2019.

I also have some window/door sensors recognized as CentraLite - from Sylvania and Lowes Iris. They’re recognized as “Contact Sensor-A” and “3320-L”. The 3320-L sensors use the zhaquirks.centralite.ias.CentraLiteIASSensor quirk and everything seems to work properly. The Contact Sensor-A devices use the default quirk, and everything works except the battery level.

Each of the 3300-S devices uses the zhaquirks.centralite.ias.CentraLiteIASSensor quirk by default. Should I try various quirks?

I haven’t figured out how to change the quirk used by a device, but I guess that must be possible…

I haven’t tried that, but hopefully someone with that knowledge will chime in.