Smartthings down for US- So glad I went opensource instead of a cloud dependant HA system


The problem seems to be solve, but yeah, anything in the cloud or depending on an external service to work is a bad idea.

Especially with hass, since it’s possible to have everything locally, no reason not to do so.

Especially those service have a limited life time, no company will maintain service for 15years or more, while your switch might well exceed that duration.


Ah, as many problems I have running my own local solution, I like the fact that if something goes wrong I can fix it rather than wait for some company to sort themselves out.

Been using Wink hub for some time now. Works great, never had any problems but yes, running everything locally is the best way to go.

Home is something very personal. Not for public. No one wants to put his/her home on cloud and invite trouble. Security is very important for HA server and it must be under your control. HA is called “Intranet of things”. “Zero cloud, 100% hacker proof” is the USP for HA.

Like HA cloud?

What’s HA cloud?.

Personally I’m against ha cloud and I don’t use it.

And yes, that won’t last forever either… but being used to connect Amazon Alexa, it’s also not a vital piece (since anyway Alexa wouldn’t be available if no internet is available)

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I don’t mind cloud (security obviously is important) or local, or both. What I want is a system that degrades gracefully, and doesn’t have unnecessary dependencies.

Having a light switch that has to do a round trip to samsungs servers to turn on a light bulb next to it is obviously ridiculous (I know samsung has fixed this recently by introducing limited local device and automation).

Having something more complex like the ability to control system based on remote information like weather I can understand, as long as if that net connection goes down, the system can still function at some basic level.

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On the subject of HA Cloud, I see this similar to what happened to CyanogenMod (for those who where part of Android hack community)

I think the goal there was to make it easier for Non-Tech Person’s to install and use and sortof a first step in commercializing. CyanogenMod did this and it was able to remain both a good user customizable product and good commercial product. It may have actually improved as a product because as the commercial sidebprogresed the development became less buggy.

I am 100% against products that use others cloud for myself and avoid with all my might.

I do on the other hand understand the need for 3rd party cloud supported products and do see benefit of the ecosystems for those who can not run a server or command line a system into existence.

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