Smartthings events - Button linkText or Data

I have a Hank Four-key Scene Controller and am viewing events in the Smartthings log and the Home Assistant Log. the Four-key sends Button events for each of the four buttons but the exact the same data is received in Home Assistant for all the buttons (despite the Device Handler providing multiple cues regarding the button pressed). I’ve made my own changes to the Custom Device Handler from the manufacture, but without success. For example: If I change the value from “Pushed” to “Pushed-1”, “Pushed-2”, etc. those events are not sent to Home Assistant. (This approached worked when using MQTT). The “data” attribute in the SmartThings Event Log contains the information, but that information is not sent. I’ve also modified the “linkText” and the “unit” attributes, and my values are displayed in the Smartthings log, but these attributes are not sent to Home Assistant . Any insights as to how I can get these attributes to be sent to Home Assistant?

Thank you.