Smartthings <-> HA MQTT Bridge confusion


I am trying to tie these two platforms together.
I’m going by this tutorial:

along with using the github page:

I’ve made it to the usage portion on number 4 on the github link. When it asks to do this in the My Devices IDE there is no field for IP Address, Port, and MAC Address. I’m assuming all of those would point to my MQTT broker which is installed on my Pi that’s running HA.

Instructions don’t seem to be clear, what am I missing?

Ok it seems I found it. If you exit the device on the IDE and go back into it through the My Devices tab on the smartthings website you can edit preferences and you can then edit that information.

Another question though, what are you supposed to put in for device network ID? Is that just the name that will show up when you look at a network map or is it the IP address of the MQTT broker?