SmartThings integration configuration error

I have just installed Home Assistant, but am running into trouble getting the SmartThings integration to work.

Installation is on Ubuntu 18.04 using python virtualenv. I have configured the server to use https, and am able to access and login to the installation from both inside and outside of my local network. I have checked my certificate online, and everything checks out OK.

After going through several of the suggestions I found in this thread, I am fairly certain I am missing a configuration step somewhere, but am unable to make any progress.

When entering the personal access token during integration setup, I receive the message “The base_url for the http component must be configured and start with https://.”

I have setup base_url, ssl_certificate and ssl_key under html in configuration.yaml.

I have enabled debug logging for the integration. When I enter submit with my access token, this is the only entry in the log:

DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.smartthings.smartapp] Setup endpoint for

Any suggestions on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Figured it out. I had something going on with the configuration.yaml file, ran the file through yamllint to clean up the errors. This resulted in some new permission errors for the http server in the logs, which led me to discover that since I had set up SSL through the apache server, ssl_certificate and ssl_key under configuration.yaml was causing a conflict. In the end, the html section with only base_url configured led to a working SmartThings integration.