SmartThings Integration Disappears After Restart

I have dug through the numerous threads on folks’ problems with configuring SmartThings but this one appears to be unique. As I’ve tried all the obvious fixes, I turn to you for help.

This started a few days ago. “We have discovered new devices on your network.” I click and see that SmartThings had been “discovered.”

“Weird. I haven’t added anything.” SmartThings has always worked reasonably reliably. “No worries,” says I. “I’ll reinstall it.”

So I reinstall. New token (lost the old one). SmartThings Classic App. The whole bit. Everything goes fine. All devices/entities are repopulated.

Next time I restart HA after a config.yaml change? Yep. You guessed it. “We have discovered new devices on your network.”

Thus, began my own version of Groundhog Day.

Here’s what I’ve done to debug:

  • Got a new token. (Did this a couple times.)
  • Gone back through three earlier snapshots.
  • Reverted ver. 0.108 to ver. 0.107.7.
  • Used the HASS SmartThings Remove Utility to clean-up all the old SmartThing MyApp entries I had.
  • Scraped my install all the way down to barebones (saving just duckdns and samba in Supervisor.
    Saving only TP-Link and Hue (which shouldn’t make any difference) in Integrations).

SmartThings just won’t stick. (Sometimes it takes two restarts to disappear.) The entries all all gone. The Lovelace cards are all broken. The Integration UI page has no evidence I ever had SmartThings.

My next plan was to wipe the SmartThings hub and rebuild my network under a new account. That seems dumb but I only really need SmartThings for my 4 zwave devices.

If that doesn’t fly, I’ll give up and buy a zwave dongle or something.

What stupidly obvious thing would create this weird behavior? What am I missing?

Note: Log has been clean. Earlier on I thought I noticed a webhook error that might be related, which was why I cleaned up the app.

@toe7685. I’m not crazy!!! Thanks. Didn’t even think to look over at /issues. That’s where where the smart people post.