SmartThings integration. Do you NEED a hub?

Everything seems to work fine on setup, except I can not log in to the SmartThings CLASSIC app because I do not have a Welcome CODE from a hub.

I can see the HA app in the new SmartThings app, but when I click to add it, nothings happens on iOS and I get a network error on Android.

Is a hub required or is there a way to get this working using only the ‘new’ SmartThings app?


In the latest version of the SmartThings App tap the + in the upper right, select Add SmartApp scroll all the way to the bottom and see if the app is listed there.

It is, but like I said, iOS won’t let you select it and android gives a network error.

What does the network error say?

Yes…you need a hub to control devices in smartthings