SmartThings integration - sensor states not consistantly updating

SmartThings integration - Home Assistant (HA) sensor states are not updating when the entity is controlled directly in the SmartThings app.
When a device is turned on or off within HA everything is fine. Monitoring entity in the SmartThings app also shows those state changes instantly.
But, when a device is turned on or off directly in the SmartThings app, the HA state change is not updated.

Is there a configuration setting that I missed, that calls the SmartThings cloud API for changes at a set timeframe?

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No one has any ideas? Thinking about it… I am believing it started after integrating NGINX. That fix was necessary to allow both local and encrypted via I would bet that when I set up SmartThings, it looked for an external address and in that configuration needed the port … I need to find that setting so that I can change the port to 443. I wonder why everything else in the Integration tab has a configure option and a few don’t… Another GOOD EXAMPLE of why YAML code is so very important.

I gave up. Count this a the solution: Brute Force. Delete everything, add it back in after NGINX is configured. Long way of doing it, but, it appears no one knows how communications are established with SmartThings.

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I’m having the same issue. I have door/window sensors connected through SmartThings but the device states won’t get updated consistently. Most of the time it works but there were already many cases where it didn’t update in Home Assistant (showed as open in HA but showed the correct closed state in SmartThings). This is really frustrating.

Same issue here. Seems to only update now & then or when I reload the integration.

Same and it’s seemingly “random” fails, though I would say that it does seem it’s caused by things that update in SmartThings first - the state changes don’t always make it to HA. And… there’s never a re-poll to truly check the state.

I also brute force fixed with a button card that calls the service.reload for the SmartThings integration. It works every time, with the consequence of screwing up history, last updated data, and some automations.

Very frustrating indeed. Makes the whole thing unreliable as a “glance”-able dashboard. I have to double check actual state between apps to be certain. I’ve even had to double up some sensors - giving them two paths into HA so they can be compared. Dumb.

It’s long past time to dump ST. But the re-setup work is… daunting. So many sensors in hard to reach places.

Same but I’m using pfsense for a router that’s when it started. If i go back to a Asus router every thing works fine. put pfsents back as the router the problem returns.