SmartThings missing settings

I bought a Samsung MIM-H04EN for my Samsung heat pump AE090RNYDEG, I connected It with smartThings and all went well. From that app I can set boiler and heating setpoint.

Then I setup a webhook, installed ssl certs to enable ssl, added device on HA.

Unfortunately I can only monitor the heat pump settings but not changing them as I can from the smartThings app. Attached device infos I can see

Is there a way I can use to change setPoints?


PS: all started from here Samsung water-air heat pump integration

Hi @brazoayeye, I’m looking to do a similar thing by connecting to a friend’s heat pump, same model.

Before I commit to purchasing the Samsung MIM-H04EN, do you know if you can control the heat pump flow temperature? A sales rep told me you can when the heat pump is in fixed mode.

Have you managed to get it working with HomeAssistant?

Smart things is garbage.

I forked an ESP home project adding what i Need.

You can use a 10€ hardware having all what you Need.

Feel free to ask Infos at Samsung heat pump · lanwin/esphome_samsung_ac · Discussion #106 · GitHub , my repo Is meant to be temporary till the merge request has been accepted
Or ask here if you prefer, but i copied most of the code so i’m not sure i can reply

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