Smartthings outlet sans hub

Hey Folks, I am missing a puzzle piece. I have HA with some zigbee devices that work fine. I thought I could buy a smartthings outlet and it would work within my network. I do not have a smartthings hub. I installed the smarttings integration into HA just fine. How do I add the ST outlet to my Home Assistant without the hub?


What are you using now to manage your zigbee devices ?

Ahhh… forgot that part. I am using a conbee ii usb stick.

Does phoscon not find the device ?

I have one using conbee and Phoscon, is recognised as 3200-Sgb
by CentraLite. No power monitoring though.
I added it with Phoscon - it does not show up in Phoscon but does appear in the VNC map and in the HA integration as a light