Smartthings Samsung JetBot AI Integration

Hi, Have just got a Samsung JetBot AI+ vacuum to replace my worn out Neato, foolishly thought it would work nicely with HA as many other Samsung things do, but sadly turns out the vac isn’t part of the official HA Smartthings integration and there’s nothing relevant on HACS. Looks like other people are having the same question @marcusd10 @alex-w-k @proxyswe @paulb1803 .

I’ve got HA automations that trigger the vac at the best time for our household, which the Smartthings app cannot do. It’d be wonderful if the HA integration could include vac controls (even just basic start, stop)

Apols for tagging @andrewsayre, saw you were the maintainer of the HA Integration and wondered if there’s any way vac control could be implemented?

There is an API which I believe should do this, but I’m not a dev an not able to write python or understand code.
and a web interface

Happy to help with testing and apols again for tagging people in, just trying to pull a conversation together.

Thank you anyone :slight_smile: