SmartThings smart plug configuration

I bought this smart plug: as recommended here: community.home-assistant. io/t/recommendations-zigbee-smart-plug-uk-w-energy-monitoring/430013/21
I want to configure it with ConBee2 connected to my HA at home but as far as I can see it need integration configured first: it looks like it either need a HA cloud subscription or HA exposed to the internet which is a joke. Am I right or I misread something (I am new in a HA world)?

You are misreading, this smart plug is Zigbee and supported by at least Zigbee2MQTT and perhaps even ZHA.

Edit: Not ZHA apparently, but none the least Deconz.

Well, apparently it seems to be at least searchable by HA without 2MQTT. It was me being dumb.

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