Smartthings to HA/ZStick

Been running Smartthings Hub v1 for almost 2 years. Using MQTT I have integrated ST with HA. This week ST has issue with their server and I am really wanting to get my stuff off the cloud. I have moved most of my automation to HA. So I am thinking about taking the plunge with a zstick. And moving it all to HA.

I have 7 Zwave switch (some wall some external), a Zooz zwave power strip, 4 zwave door sensor and two zwave thermo states.

I am most worried about the zwave power strip and thermostates, I think everything else should pair ok.

I have a few ST labeled device that know are not zwave, I can eventually replaces those.
My question

  1. Best zwave stick today for compatibility with HA and many devices, I see the list on the web site just wondering what everyone using.

  2. How do I unpair my devices with ST so that I can add them to HA, I know the GE wall switches have plug I can pull out but is the unpairing done on the ST side before I add it to HASS

  3. Are there any zwave devices I need to stay away from?

  4. does anyone have the power strip that I have. can you turn on individual sockets.

I would be nice to get complete off my v1 ST hub. Just looking for any tips and tricks to help me get started.


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