Smartthings vs smartlife

Hi all

I’m about to invest in some smart home products.

I like the idea of programming automation and triggers in home assistant.

I find my self choosing between two types of products.

Either products connected vie Smarthings hub or using Smartlife. Of course I could work with both, but to begin with I would like to start with one of those two.

Any recommendations?

I hear nothing good about smartthings.

Whenever possible, buy smart home devices that can be controlled locally (that way your home does not depend on other’s cloud servers which may be unavailable).

Start small with either WiFi/Zigbee devices. I hear a lot of good reviews with Shelly as well as Sonoff (WiFi).

However, if you plan to have a LOT of smart devices in your home, consider using Zigbee. For the coordinator, you can consider using this-

I must say I have never heard of smartlife. But the thing is you probably need neither. Follow @ardysusilo 's advice.

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I believe Smartlife is Tuya.

Can confirm. Smartlife being the app that uses tuya as its backend/infrastructure.