Smartwatch for HA

Hello everyone,
I tried to find an answer for this but most topics are a bit older and I’m not sure if anything has changed on this topic, but I’m in the market for a smartwatch.

I was looking into the Amazfit BIP but it doesn’t have any support (other then someone stating they can run Tasker automation with pressing a couple of buttons)

I did find that there is an HA app for Samsung Galaxy watches but I was wondering if I should pick Samsung over a ‘generic’ Android Wear watch? My assumption here is that Android Wear would support more custom integrations but I need to be sure as these watches aren’t cheap.

So is anyone using a smartwatch with HA and if so, what would you recommend?

I’m looking into toggling some scenes and volume of my sound system, maybe display some sensor values if possible.


An watch with Android Wear will be just fine. There are watchfaces on which you can put Tasker variables. You can grab these variables from HA via tasker.

If you want to change volume via your watch, I think you will be disappointed. It is not a very handy way of controlling things.