Smartwings zwave blinds not responding

Hey all, New to Home assistant and paired up 28 z-wave devices today to play with. everything I have paired seems to work fairly well except my seven smartwings blinds… In the app everything looks great and “acts” like it functions but in reality they don’t respond. Randomly two times I had a blind respond to the slider but I don’t know why or couldn’t make it happen again. They all work great from the remotes… Not sure on these things but I saw good reviews for them on this site is why I pulled the trigger on them :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks

Just an update, I’m finding this must be common with z-wave, but 6 of my blinds magically fixed themselves over night and one I managed to get working by resetting it completely and going back through all the setup steps. Wondering if there’s a science behind the magic part or if it’s actually magic lol