Smartyfying an old soundbar with rotary encoder volume knob

So I somehow managed to lose the remote control for my old (but still very decent!) soundbar which left me with no volume control and with a replacement pretty hard to come by decided I should hack it up to bring it to a more home assistant friendly standard! So I installed an esp32 inside powered off the 30 pin ipod connector and connected 2 GPIO’s to the A and B terminals of the rotary encoder volume knob. Now with a script in espHOME I emulate rotating the knob either way and now I have remote volume control from my phone, PC and any other home assistant connected device! happy days!


hello i am trying to do similar stuff but without aluck could you post your code somewhere ? so i cen maybe see what i am dooing wrong ? my thread

Would love to see the code. I’m too trying to make a dump TRV smart