SMLIGHT SLZB-06 POE not Working

Hello, I have just bought myself a SMLIGHT SLZB-06 but the POE function is not working. I have it plugged into my Unifi US 8 150W with POE enabled but the device does not power on. It does work with a USB connection. Is this a manufacturing fault? Or is there a switch I need to flip to power it?


Is it plugged into a POE enabled port on a switch that provides POE?
Does the type of POE provided by the switch match the requirements of the device?

You can’t just plug it into any Ethernet jack, it has to be one that’s poe enabled.

You might also want to look at the wattage available on that port to make sure it is above or equal to the device you are trying to power, too. For instance, if you only have 15.4-Watts of power per port, plugging in something that requires 28-Watts might not work or might not work correctly. For instance, plugging in an access point that needs more than available might work but it will shut off the radios.

It is also correct that some switches require you enabling PoE on the port before they will provide power.

There are also cases where you have to deal with a PoE budget. I work with a lot of Cisco switches and even with dual power supplies, you cannot run every port PoE. You get about 1/2 if you run every port at maximum. This usually is not the case because it seldom happens where every single port is lit up with PoE. Printers will not pull power as well as just regular workstations/laptops.

Have you configured it for Ethernet mode, it may be in USB mode.

I am plugging it into a POE-enabled port on the switch. I have checked the Unifi switch, which supports POE and POE+. I know that the POE is enabled because the light indicating the POE on the switch is active (when the device is plugged in).

According to the switch’s datasheet, the port can supply up to 34.2W of power, and when looking at the Unifi dashboard of the switch, it can provide 150W max power to all ports combined, of which only 8.5W was being used at the time (some other devices using POE at the time as well).

I have tested it with a different POE injector but have still had no luck.

I haven’t seen the site that @gaz99 shows. So I might look into that.

Otherwise, thank you for all of your suggestions! Will keep the thread updated on progress. :slight_smile:

Quick update, the SLZB-06 is set to Ethernet mode. If powered by usb, I can access the webui. But even with poe enabled and usb disconnected, the webui doesn’t show up (since the device is powered off). I wasn’t able to find any setting relating to POE in the config.

Did you have to do anything to enable the POE feature on the device? Or did it just start working out of the box?

Not that I remember doing, I initially tested it USB powered in Ethernet mode then changed to POE when I got a POE switch.

So POE was technically working out of the box?

Sorry I can’t remember what mode it was in when it was delivered. Ask Smlight support, they have been very helpful.

Just an update: I have been talking with their support team. No solution has been found. I’m now talking with the seller about getting the device replaced.