SMLight SLZB-06p7/p10 - Matter, Thread, and Zigbee?

Has anyone bought / tried the new SLZB-06p7 or 06p10? The announcement mentions Matter and Thread support.

I’ve been thinking up upgrading to a networked zigbee coordinator, but don’t want to get a current gen one if this one will also add Matter/Thread soon.

also just noticed this…I have one of their original LAN co-ordinators but was going to upgrade to a POE one , especially as on sale at the moment, but was wondering if there is any downside to buying the SMLight SLZB06M as they are the same price

FYI it looks like the difference between the regular and the P7 is just the RAM/Flash RAM size. I couldn’t get it to show me the P10 in the differences but from the feature list, you can see it has more RAM/Flash RAM + the ARM core is different (which is why it says “FPU/DSP extension” support).

Not sure this matters for most applications, must be a future proof thing?

As for the “M” line, it looks like the firmware is changed to support matter/thread which makes sense since Thread and Zigbee use the same frequency radio IIRC.