Smoke/CO sensors with good HA integration

Hi guys,

Need to get some smart smoke/CO detectors in my set up (something other than Nest/Xiaomi ones pls) and so far the only one that seems to integrate with Smartthings is the Fibaro FGSD-002 for the smoke or the Fibaro FGCD-001 for the CO sensor.
Anyone have experience with these?
Anything else out there to look out for?

I think the First Alert Zcombo will work with smartthings, and it also works with native HA (zwave stick)

I have 2 of them, but just moved and I am not using them any more so if you decide they will work for you let me know and I can sell you the ones I have at a discount.

If the Op isn’t interested I may be depending on the price and where you are located (shipping hassles…).

I tied the Kidde SM120X module into my hardwired smoke detectors. It’s cheap with lots of flexibility to hook into Alarm systems or Z-Wave/Zigbee contact sensors etc.

When I explored my options, I’m really happy with my decision.

Just did the same thing at my new place which is why I have the First Alerts for sale.

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I tied it into my Ademco alarm and then tied my alarm in to HA with AD2USB. Works Great! I love that each system remains independent and redundant. Especially important when we are talking safety and security. :slight_smile:

Yeah PM me the details, distance/postage depending I may be interested and I do need two. Are they both smoke/CO sensors?

Hey guys!

I don’t mean to hijack this thread but the SM120X is discussed so I couldn’t help but throw in a question…

The com wires for the SM120X, can I use low voltage wiring to run from the SM120X com wires to my Konnected alarm panel?

I have the SM120X ready to install, I think I have room behind one of my detectors in an electrical box for it. I would like to fish out some low voltage wires across the house and down into the alarm box.

I use the com out over low voltage wiring to my adecmo/honeywell Vista alarm panel. I know others that tie the same low voltage wires to a Zwave contact sensors.

While I’m not 100% because I don’t have or know much about Konnected. I’m sure you can. At the end of the day the com wires are just normally open or normally closed relays.

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Thank you!

That makes total sense, I was thrown off by the larger gauge wire.


I got this installed finally yesterday. However, when I test the smoke detectors I don’t see an alert in HA which also doesn’t push through HomeKit.

I’m running it through Konnected and as per their website has indicated, which states the following:

“ Connect the relay to the smoke alarm wiring according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Connect the NC and COM circuit of the relay to any zone on the Konnected Alarm Panel and set it up as a smoke detector device in your home automation app.”

NC is yellow and COM is blue. So I clipped and taped both orange and grey, hooked up the other three wires (black, white and red) and ran NC and COM back to Konnected.

I do have them as the 6th “zone” on a Konnected board and I think sometimes that causes issues. I’ll research that further but if anyone seeing this has anything to add, it would be appreciated.

Again, I don’t have the Konnected but maybe this will help. I have the Honeywell/Ademco Vista 20p.

With my setup. I need a 2K End of line Resistor on the on the com lines to the control board.

In Home Assistant, I needed to explicitly add to my config

      name: Smoke Detector
      type: smoke

Looks like there is a similar config for konnected, however the syntax is slightly different.

@sd_dracula: I am on the same search right now. May I ask why you rule out the Xiaomi solution? Looks very promising to me and has a very attractive price tag.

I actually went for the Netamo smoke alarms in the end as they were on sale on black friday.
Waiting on the integration with HA now :slight_smile:

Ok, but I am still interested, why you ruled out the Xiaomis. You get about four of them for the price of a single Netatmo. So what are the disadvantages that you see.

I have some Xiaomi motion sensors hooked up to HA via Smartthings and they keep dropping off, I don’t want to have to keep doing that for the smoke alarms.
And I have Netatmo for the climate controls around the house already.

I don’t know where you come from but in germany these smoke detectors are not licensed and do not count for the insurance or the legal smoke detector requirement (As far as I know).

The Xiaomi ones?

yeah, at least when I was looking at it. I also don’t know if there are such rules in other countries.

Fibaro smoke sensors via ZWave are the worst , i have two of them one comsumed the battery in weeks the other one too sensitive(smoke alarm starts when i boil an egg) both of them useless. Not to mention that zwave configuration of the sensor is a nightmare you have to wake it up pet it and it finnaly gave his best when hitting the ground hard with it. There ware a constant pain since i have them for two years, to be onest i rather have the house burning than having these sensors.

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