Smoke Detector Alarm Monitor/Listener

Do any of you know of any available Smoke Detector monitor/listener, which easily integrates with HASS? I.e. I’m looking for a device that complements my existing 10+ “dumb” smoke detectors (linked together, so they all sound when 1 detects smoke) and detects the alarm going off and sends a (e.g. mqtt) event which I can act on.

All products I can find are either EOL or not open enough for integration, e.g. Abode or Ring smoke detector listener/monitor, Roost or Unijem smart 9V Battery.

Or does an ESPHome DIY project exist for this?


I am looking for something similar but can’t seem to find anything yet

I use a smoke detector relay base under one of my detectors with a shelly 1 inside to detect when the relay closes.

Something like this