Smoke detector, Leak detector and Siren/Alarm

Hello everyone,
I have been using HA for over a year and was happy with my setup. I plan to expand my system
I have Nest smoke detector and a water leak sensor installed and integrated with HA. I can view the status of those sensors. Now I would like to add a siren (speaker) to blast the alarm should it detects smoke or leak
What devices and/or solution do you recommend to achive this?
Thank you

Hi @jamesngob,

I have a similar setup. My Nest Protects produce plenty of decibels to be self-sufficient as their own alarms. However, I do utilize my echo devices to produce most of my audible notifications. It is cloud-based, so not perfectly suitable, but for my purposes works fine. Just about any speaker you can connect through Home Assistant will work. I have used my SONOS speakers in the past that produced some pretty good results. Another solution would be to purchase a stand-alone zigbee or zwave alarm on Amazon. I don’t have any experience but I’m sure they would work fine as well. One solution that I may utilize in the future is to send those alerts, including others such as tornado alerts, through my AXIS IP camera speakers. The benefit to that solution is they are all connected to a battery backup. In any event, my suggestion would be to use what you have available to you, and go from there.

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I use Alexa for verbal notifications and an Aeotec Indoor Siren 6 for alarms. The siren is nice because it’s local (z-wave) and is wall-powered with an integrated battery backup. So it will work for quite a long time if power is lost (much longer than my HA server will last, so after that point it becomes useless). It has a long list of sirens and chimes to choose from, so I use it for my doorbell chime and also for home security alarms or smoke/co2 alarms (even though my non-smart detectors are plenty loud on their own).


I just bought this zigbee siren.
It shows as a switch via Z2M.