Smoke detectors

I am looking to replace my old mains wired smoke detectors with:

  1. smart mains wired smoke detectors
  2. good integration with HA.
    Any recommendations?

An option to look at is staying with the dumb smoke detectors but get a listener to relay that info to HA.
I personally use the Ecolink Firefighter Z-wave but there are other options.

A great option as mentioned is getting relays and you can keep your “up to code” smoke/co2 detectors. You would want the CO relay and smoke relay for the brand you have. These are the kidde ones

then you need to use those relays to trigger a dry contact relay. This can be achieved many ways. An option is using an ESP, or you can use something like this

These are then easily added to HA

Some places the Nest detectors etc don’t meet electrical code.

  1. uses wireless, not wire to communicate
  2. has no strobe light

These clearly have an API - would be great to have an integration in HA for these. Anyone know if one is in the works?

I have both Kidde relays (linked above) hooked up to an ESP and it works amazingly. Highly recommend it.

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I’m looking to do the same with a SM120X. Can you please provide some more details on just what you did? Any diagrams or pics.


Can you silence the alarms using home assistant with this setup?

What does ESP stand for?

Looking for a zigbee sensor to integrate the smoke relay to HA.

is the signal output from the relay 9V problematic for and esp?

Seems like the relays / interconnection signal wires is 9V. Do these contact sensors support 9V I too would prefer zigbee as I dont want to get another hub/dongle just for this.