Smoke Sensor Heiman HS1SA Zigbee Control/Configuration settings

Mine don’t make any sound without smoke.

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Sorry took a while to respond. But thanks a lot :smiley: I will try Zigbee2mqtt Hope it will solve the problem. I’m installing the Sonoff Dongle E at this moment :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Well can confirm that my problem with the annoying beeps has disappeared… :smiley: :grinning:
Zigbee2MQTT has done the trick! It’s been quiet now for 48 hours, so I’m happy!!

What are the steps needed to switch to Zigbee2mqtt?

Do you need to move all devices in HA from ZHA to Zigbee2mqtt and set up everything from scratch? Or is it possible to use ZHA alongside Zigbee2mqtt and only move the devices that is malfunctioning with ZHA?

HA Yellow user.

Hi, @fahlsen I indeed moved every thing… Was a lot of work :grin: But now I’m very happy with Zigbee2MQTT. It gives me much more options to deal with devices. I did get updates for plugs etc. An old device what never worked under ZHA did just connect at once and it’s working like a charm!
I’m never going back to ZHA :wink:

So if were you, I would change to Zigbee2MQTT with a Sonoff ZB-dongle-E.
Btw, I wouldn’t use 2 systems and as far I know it isn’t the best way to use ZHA and Zigbee2MQTT.

It is absolutely possible to use ZHA and Zigbee2MQTT on the same HA install. I run ZHA and at least two z2m instances under HAOS at any point in time.

My recommendation for migration is always to run both together, at least during migration.

Just buy a second dongle and load z2m. Then you can experiment with both, testing and moving individual devices from one to the other as you prefer, at your leisure. You don’t have to break everything at once and rush to get all the devices re-paired and automations fixed up.

The biggest thing to keep in mind when running more than one zigbee net long term is keeping a proper routing mesh for each net. Also keep in mind zigbee channel allocation to minimize interference.

For z2m, consensus is a cc2652p coordinator with 20221226 or earlier firmware is best. EZSP support in z2m is still missing some key backup/restore functionality.

Hello, did you can to make sound the siren of this detector ? I have the same sensor and I can´t force to make sound the siren. thanks.

Hi @kells I’m using Alarmo integration for my smart home alarm sensors to work flawlessly. So that is for the smoke detectors and door/windows sensors and leakage sensors. This works great. Alarmo can be installed by HACS. I use a old google mini speaker as alarm speaker. :+1:

I also bought 5 of the v3 Firmware 12 units and habe the beep issue once a day…
Because everything is running very good with ZHA here in the house, I do not want to install a second Zigbee Stick and install Z2M… Has anyone figured out how to solve the issue when connecting the smoke detector via ZHA to Home Assistant?
Thanks Kai

@stueckmann Hi, For now I think the only way with ZHA is to downgrade to firmware 11…
I don’t know how to :roll_eyes: Couldn’t find that solution, so I went to Zigbee2Mqtt. Still working without problems :+1:
So you’ll have to find a sollution to downgrade, or some developer has to make a quirk for the device.

Thank you Charly_X,
After long time try to find a solution, Alarmo workes like a charme.

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Your Welcome.

FYI v20