Smoke sensor with battery status in HA

I would like to buy new smoke/co sensors with battery stats visible in HA (I don’t want to wake in the middle of the night because of a low battery notification/beep)
I already have Fibaro smoke sensors (zwave). The are showing a bat stat, but this is not logical (100% at all time and confirmed not working). I now bought Heiman Zigbee smoke sensor and unfortunately no bat info at all.

So knows a sensor (available in EMEA) detecting smoke (or smoke/heat) and also provide the bat stats (so I can creat a flow to notify me when the battery is at 10%)

I just bought the heiman z-wave version. Get it tomorrow. I’ll report my findings to you.

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Ok, I just included one (through ZwaveJS2MQTT). This is the outcome:

  • Battery level (percentage)
  • Low battery level (says “normal” atm)
  • Node status (says “asleep” atm)
  • Smoke detected (says “clear” or “detected”)
  • Sensor status (says “idle” or “smoke detected”)

This is the device I got: Heiman HS3SA-Z

There are downsides to these things.

  1. You can’t interlink them
  2. you can’t sound the alarm through z-wave

This was the answer I was looking for.

In case of an fire/smoke from I can turn all lights on the house or open screens to have a way out.
But the best thing is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: be warned in case of low battery at x% in stead of in the middle of the night