Smooth fade in / out on hue bulb with classic switch + zigbee switch

Hello community,

currently i’m reading about HA and planning to upgrade my room to HA. I have normal light switches with hue bulbs. When I use the hue app. The lightbulb has a fade in when the lamp is turned on. When I turn the light on there is a fade out transition.

When I use the classic light switch the fade in transition is visible. But when i turn off the light with the classic light switch it is off instantly.

The question I have is: when I add a zigbee switch ( like AUBESS Tuya ZigBee Smart DIY Switch 16A Work with Alexa Google home Ya) to the classic switch, I will have the same effect like using the hue app (smooth fade in, and fade out once turned off)? The power is not disconnected now, therefore it’s the same like a hue play. Is this correct?

The second question is, will i be able to adjust the fade? I would like it to be longer, more calm. Can I adjust this in HA?

  1. The tuya zigbee switch module doesn’t have ‘detached’ mode (allows for smooth fade in when on & off since it doesn’t cut off the power to the zigbee bulb).
    Therefore it would work just like your classic light switch.
    In general, none of the tuya zigbee or wifi offers detached mode, however if you get the wifi switch module, you can install custom firmware to enable that.

  2. Based on this page (assuming the same hue model), looks like you can set the transition time when it’s on

Hi @ferbulous ah, that is the term I was looking for: detached :slight_smile:
Can you recommend any ‘detached zigbee switch’ to upgrade the classic light switch?

There’s aqara h1 for zigbee (wall switch)

If you need smart relays, there’s shelly wifi relay. I’m not aware of any zigbee relay that includes that feature.
Any tuya wifi switch/relay can be configured for detached mode with custom firmware. I’ve done it for a few switches at home