Smooth volume control IR remote issue

I’m using a zigbee device to control the volume of my dac by sending IR commands using the Broadlink RM3 mini. However at the moment it can only send commands by increments with a very slow interval (half seconds or so). Is there a way to smoothly adjust volume by holding a button on the zigbee device (like a normal TV remote)? So whenever I hold a button it will keep increasing or decreasing the volume instead of sending short commands every half second or so?

I was looking into ESPhome but it seems there’s a delay on interval over there as well.

Are you saying the broadlink can only send one command each half second or the zigbee switch, its unclear ? If its the broadlink, I can’t see a way around this.

However, if its the zigbee button itself, then it highly depends on the button. I’d suggest looking at zigbee dimmer buttons that do something similar, albeit for lights.

Its most likely the button, which fits with a short press feature that also have options for long press and maybe hold. Check if it has a hold feature and try to use that instead.

There’s no delay issue on the zigbee remote side. It seems that either HA’s send command or the Broadlink integration can only send commands each half a second.

Unfortunately there is no hold action possible in HA if I recall correctly.

The Hue Tap Dial does have a hold action but it sends just one command. I did use a loop in node red that keeps sending volume up or down commands, but the interval of either the HA send command or Broadlink integration is too slow.