SmoT your Homeassistant Companion (robot)

Hi everyone,
I hope the project qualifies for the competition. I am currently building a
robot for Homeassistant. The centrepiece is a specially developed circuit board with an Esp32UE.
The goal is to communicate with the robot later via voice as well as via gestures (through the built-in gesture sensor)
and via touch through capacitive points on the head. The eye is a Matrix LED display
which could be used not only as an eye but also as a timer if later possible. As the scope of this project
is so big I don’t know how far I will get until the 10th of March.
I will continue writing in this post as I get further along in the development

The hardware is finished except for the arms, there is still room in the head for a micro and the speaker.
Both chains, both servos in the arms and the servo that can turn the head can be controlled.
The addressable leds in the belly and the “eye” as a matrix display can also be controlled via ESPHome. Sensors are the gesture sensor,
a gyroscope in the head and the touch sensor with 12 inputs.
I am currently still using a Raspberry pi with a USB conference microphone as I am not convinced by the currently available I2S
microphones (you are welcome to give me tips)

What is still missing are the arms, the I2S speaker in the head and the ESPHome code.
There should also be emotions, for example.

I hope it is ok to post a not yet final project here.
But I thought it would be a pity not to submit it.

Here are some first Pictures:

I would be very happy to receive initial feedback

Greetings Tesat/Smaefer

Looks really cute — and a fun project!

Here is the first Voice Test of my Robot.


So here ist the next Status Update of my Robot. I changed to upload the Videos on a dedicated Youtube Channel only for your Information.

All the Actuators are now working and the Gesture Sensor in the Belly is also functional. Next step would include to add capacitive areas to the Head since i have 12 Ports for thise areas. I also want to add more gestures and functions to the Robot and maybe more Expressions to his Eye.

Here is the new Video:

And another Picture with the integrated Speaker.

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The results of the contest are out!
They may be of interest to you :wink:
Have a look!

Oh just saw it thanks a lot for choosing me as a runner up :smiley: put a lot of effort in the project and will try to adapt some things from the winner into my little robot. Custom wakeword maybe chatgbt got a lot of inspiration :smiley: can I change the post category so I can posts updates here and on my yt cannel? Oh and finally how do you get my address ? Kind Regards Tesat

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I’ll contact everyone next week for the postal address :wink: hang tight!