SMS and a recommended modem

Can anyone here recommend a modem for this integration, , which works more or less plug & play with a raspberry pi 4?

I would go for a cheaper solution:

  1. install Home Assistant Core
  1. install ESPhome add-on

  2. buy Sim800L with ESP32

  3. use ESPhome Sim800L component

I plan to use this for notify me when there is a power failure. My raspberry pi with HA is already on a UPS, but my wifi is not (which is needed for esp32). If I go for this, I have to buy a UPS for my wifi and then I could just as well send notifications by internet instead of sms.

But thanks for your suggestion. I have a lot of esphome units already and it is a great system :slight_smile:

Hm, I see that lilygo ttgo t call could be run from a battery. Maybe I should take a serious look at this board.

yes, it has an onboard battery backup connection