SMS Gateway

Hello there,

I would like to share with you my idea to turn Home Assistant into SMS Gateway.
Native HA integration with sms notification was not enough for me, it send SMS only. I was wondering about sending text messages, reading it and manipulate with USSD codes. This is not possible with HA integration so I’ve decided to prepare my own SMS gateway.

Making long story short and giving some high level overview of my solution. I used gammu-smsd with MariaDB as database backend. To send text messages or USSD codes I created a script within HA which executes shell command (gammu-smsd-inject). To read USSD responses and text messages I used SQL sensor.
I would like to know if you are interested in this solution, so I could preapre a tutorial how I’ve achived all of this stuff. I am enclosing a screenshot which shows how it looks in my HA.


I’m sure there is interest in this. If not now someone might in the future.

I would just go ahead and post the tutorial.

Thanks for adding this for the community.

Post away, it is all good education for us all.

I am also interested what your use-case is.

Also interested to see

I’m interested too! Thank you!