Snap package

Are there any plans to create a ubuntu snap package.
This could be a nice out-of-the-box and up-to-date experience.

Building snaps is fairly easy, you could do it yourself. Have a look at this tutorial:

There is also a forum located here:

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Ok, I created one, here it is:

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Ive installed your snap. I am new to home-assistant. The configuration.yaml file exists? I do not see it as I would in a standard ubuntu install. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

One basic functionality of all snap packages is that they are well separated from each other for security reasons. One step to reach this is there is a different filesystem structure.
The snap package itself is mounted at /snap/home-assistant-escoand/ and the configuration is always at /var/snap/home-assistant-escoand/current/. There needs to be all configurations.
If you need more information about snaps in general please look at

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Thank you so much. I was looking under /snap/home-assistant-escoand. I was not looking under var. I have now tried it under various distributions without issue. For reference to someone using Solus, I works.

This may be a daft question, but how does one edit the config file on Ubuntu Core considering the sandboxing? Or have you only tested on Ubuntu proper?

Oh, sorry, I’ve forgotten your question. Ubuntu Core should be the same if I’m right. But I don’t use it anymore so I can’t test it. Maybe somebody else could give a reliable answer.

So I have installed HA via the snap package. How do I find the yaml config file?