Snapcast add-on with Spotify Connect support

For playing synced audio I wanted to set-up Snapcast with Spotify Connect support. There are indeed some tutorials available for running a Snapcast server together with librespot and Home Assistant on the forums here which didn’t work for my HassOS installation, there’s a snapcast add-on which didn’t run for me (and I couldn’t get fixed) and there’s the official Spotify Connect add-on which doesn’t include Snapcast.

So I combined these things into a new add-on to run Snapcast server/client with out-of-the box support for Spotify Connect (using librespot). Also the snapweb web-interface is available. See GitHub - corneyl/hassio-addons: Home Assistant add-on repository.

I hope someone can use it for his local set-up as well! Local playback through the snapcast client is not yet tested btw, since my HA Pi doesn’t have audio output, so feel free to report if it works :smile: .


Thank you! :pray:
I’am using Home Assistant Supervised on RaspberryOS, have other 2 repos, but it’s not working

Your addon installs fine for me, will test today, and will let you know!

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Thank you very much for sharing your addon.
Works perfect! I use it together with mpd and mopidy both work perfectly!

Im very happy about this addon. Thanks for the work!
Nevertheless I’d like to adress two request/questions about the addon.

  • It would be nice to be able to give the snapcast client a unique name in the configuration.
  • Maybe it’s me, but regardless of the hardware (Raspberry pi 3 or 4), but always at the ‘Starting dbus-daemon…’ step, the addon takes about 35min to boot. In the meantime, the CPU load of the addon is also almost 30%.
    After that, the app works perfectly.

Im happy for any information, especially the second question.

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Hi, can you make a addon with a fixed snapcast version 0.27?

music_assistant_beta dropped snapcast support and its 0.27 only for now.

I was able to get this working and have the SnapCast Server show up in Spotify and I am able to play from Spotify to this source but then how do you get it to play on other speakers? I have a bunch of Google Nest speakers (and a Bose Smart Speaker which doesn’t support Google Home Audio Groups) so I was hoping to use SnapCast + Home Assistant to play to the media_player devices in Home Assistant

I think for Snapcast that you need devices that specifically support Snapcast and can act as client. I’ve only used it with PCs and Pis on which the Snapclient is installed.