Snapcast / music-assistant: stream microphone input

Hi everybody,

I have multiple devices running snapclient around the house, that I can stream music to via music-assistant. This works fine. I use the snapcast addon in order to stream from Home Assistant to these devices.

This all works. But one thing has been bothering me from the start: I haven’t been able to integrate Chromecast in a way that allows me to stream any audio from my phone to these clients.

Afaik there is no native Chromecast client one can just run on a raspberry pi or Home Assistant that will then utilize snapserver to stream to the snapclients. So here’s what I did:

Set up an old Chromecast (regular, not audio); bought an adapter HDMI to audio. Bought an external soundcard (Sound Blaster Play! Analog 3). Connected the audio out from the HDMI-to-audio adapter to this external soundcard, connected that soundcard to Home Assistant.

The card gets recognized. I pretty much didn’t change anything except for the card in snapcast configuration:

So I assumed that now I could just cast some audio to the chromecast – and this audio would be streamed via snapserver. But that doesn’t work. There isn’t anything playing on any client, and I cannot chose microphone / audio in as an audio source in music-assistant.

Hardware-wise, this works. I connected headphones to the HDMI-to-audio adapter, then cast something to the Chromecast, and I can hear the audio just fine. So the hardware setup is fine, I assume.

But is there anything I can do to make Home Assistant / the snapcast addon / music-assistant play this audio? Either to the browser, or to any media players that are connected to this snapserver?

I activated the client (which was on “enable: false”) as well, hoping it would then allow me to use it as a source in music-assistant to stream to other clients, but that wasn’t the case (did it full restart after as well, no difference).

Is this somehow still achievable? Feed the output of an actual chromecast to a snapserver, then have music-assistant stream it to whatever client I chose?

Thank you for your ideas :slight_smile: