Snapshot add-in configuration but not data?

I’ve run into an issue with doing full snapshots: they are huge! At first I thought the issue was the sqlite DB, so I switched to MariaDB. Things worked better for a day or two, and then the problem reoccurred.

Digging into the tar file, I’ve found two main culprits: MariaDB (which is 330MB) and InfluxDB (which is 1.8GB). Now, for MariaDB I apparently left it set to defaults, and have now changed to only keeping 1 day’s worth of data. I’d rather not filter the entities, as having more info is helpful for debugging, and restoring state and such. Hopefully that’ll be enough.

The real problem is Influx. I have a “keep forever” retention property, and feed it absolutely everything - I want all that data to be able to do various analysis. I was expecting it to be quite small, clearly I’m wrong.

That data is useful, but not critical. If HA gets screwed up so badly I have to restore from backup, I don’t mind losing it.

So I’m wondering: is there any way to have the snapshot include the configuration aspects of InfluxDB (ideally, including the setup of the users and such inside the DB), but not the data? I don’t want to exclude it from the snapshot entirely, as setting it up was a PITA, but I don’t need it to backup the gigabytes of data…