Snapshot does not include config

Hi all

Maybe it’s a stupid question, but I’m not able to solve it.
I want to change the SSD and therefore I want to create a full snapshot to restore it after changing.

But the snapshots don’t include the “Home Assistant Configuration”:

Even if I’m doing a partial snapshot and I’m selecting the config:

It won’t be included:

What am I’m doing wrong or where could be the source of this problem?

Thank you for any help

PS: just now I wanted to snapshot only the config and found this error, but don’t really understand it:

21-05-18 11:15:23 WARNING (SyncWorker_5) [supervisor.snapshots.snapshot] Can't snapshot folder homeassistant: [Errno 5] I/O error

Ok, now I found the error. Had from both of these files a copy with the suffix “_corrup”. After deleting them it worked.



Didn’t find any similar problem with google, so I hope this thread will help someone else in the future :slight_smile: